Spinfloat is a new vertical axis floating wind turbine technology developed by EOLFI

Floating wind turbines make it possible to harness the full offshore wind potential as they can be installed in water depths of several hundred meters. Characterized by a vertical axis and pitched blades, Spinfloat displays an enhanced aerodynamic performance and more than 5MW power.

This innovative solution is patented by EOLFI.

The development pipeline of Spinfloat includes a prototype which will be tested at sea.

Spinfloat™ is a trademark registered by EOLFI.

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For any inquiry concerning Spinfloat please contact us:

12 rond-point des Champs-Elysées
75008 PARIS
Tel: + 33 1 40 07 95 00
Fax: + 33 1 40 07 97 36

For general information: contact@spinfloat.com

For human resources department: hr@eolfi.com

Member of:

Created in 2005, the Mediterranée Marine Competitivity Centre has the ambition of becoming a global reference for the mastering of sustainable development, marine security and safety in the Mediterranean.

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Article on floating offshore wind potential in « Connaissance des Energies » – March 2015

EOLFI was a speaker on January 22nd 2015 during the offshore scientific and technological gatherings in Marseille (France) in the workshops "floaters" and "Rotor & drive train"

Spinfloat on TV (ARTE channel) in the scientific programme, FUTURE - November 29th , 2014

Article "L'éolien prend de la hauteur" - French daily newspaper Libération - August 2014

Interview with Alain Delsupexhe - official magazine la Jaune et la Rouge of the French Institute, Ecole Polytechnique - June-July 2014

Floating offshore: the Union of renewable energy sources (SER- Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables) suggests a goal of 6 GW in 2030 and a call for proposal for wind parks pilot projects by the end 2014-beginning 2015 - April 2014

Marine renewable energies challenges and impacts analyzed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) - April 2014

Constitution of Spinfloat, a European consortium - April 2014

Article in the special issue "marine renewable energies" of the magazine Le Marin - April 2014

In the framework of the national Discussion on energy transition, the report of the survey mission on Marine Renewable Energies (March 2013) displays good development perspectives for this sector and confirms the strategical importance of MRE, including floating wind power.

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